Cobalt & Copper

Mining exploration

In the Democratic Republic of Congo


Taruga Gold Limited is a mineral exploration company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) with a focus on acquiring and developing highly prospective exploration projects in Africa.

Taruga’s highly experienced management team led by Mr Mark Gasson as Executive Director and key advisor Mr Klaus Eckhof has provided the Company with exposure to the high-grade Cobalt and Copper opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that have the Company well positioned to become a substantial player in the Cobalt-Copper industry of the DRC.

Taruga has recognised the opportunities associated with the rapidly expanding Battery Metal sector, particularly driven by the increasing demand for Electric Vehicles. The expanding market is increasing demand for Battery Metals, and it is anticipated the Cobalt will be a commodity of increasing interest and the increasing demand for the metal is driving a supply deficit that is continuing to expand. The majority of the world supply of Cobalt is sourced from the DRC and the potential to develop new high-grade mines is very high and Taruga is well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

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Cobalt facts

  • Cobalt is one of three key minerals used to make Tesla battery packs.
  • The electric vehicle industry is driving up demand for batteries and the raw meterials used to make them.


of Cobalt resources are in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


of Cobalt production is mined as a by product.
  • 60% Copper mining
  • 38% Nickel mining
  • 2% Cobalt mining
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